Remember RMS Titanic by Steinar D Varsi

Details for RMS Titanic.

Titanic's specifications

(Titanic in open sea.)

Cost of a ticket :

A ticket in 1st class in 1912 $150 (today, 12.April 1997, $1724)
A ticket in 2nd class in 1912 $  60 (today, 12.April 1997, $690)
A ticket in 3rd class in 1912 $  15 (today, 12.April 1997, $172)
(Parlor suites in 1st class $4.350, today $50.000.
One of the better cabins in 3rd class $40, today $460.
Unskilled workers at the shipyard in Belfast earned $5 or less per week.)

Provisions :

Since I've never been on any cruise stretching longer than from Norway to Germany, it seems to me that they brought along the best of the best for their passengers, like:

(Picture: Dining at First Class.)

And all the splendor and luxury this ship contained! What about
- 28 First class Staterooms & Suites, decorating designs including:

- Gymnasium with rowing machines, a stationary bicycle and a electric horse.
- Swimming pool (exclusive on Titanic and Olympic).
- Squash court.
- Turkish bath.
- 2 Barber shops.
- Authentic Parisian Café with French waiters.
- 4 electric elevators (3 in 1st class, 1 in 2nd class).

If time and place allowed it, I could have continued to list all the other facilities, but this should be enough to give you an indication of the dimensions and luxury aboard the RMS Titanic.

For further information about the passengers, crew and others, you will find links at the Titanic sites

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